Shadow 15hh for sale

This is what we do at Coopers Hill. We buy in young animals, break them so carefully ourselves and the end product is wonderfully brave animals that are safe for every rider. Shadow is just one example of our success in recent years. She was only broken last April and has proved to be a clever and willing worker. I believe that every horse if taught how to do a job properly, will execute that job perfectly. They are wonderful animals willing to learn and work, and actually enjoy it.


Today is the start

Island trek
Island trek

Today will be the day I start actually using wordpress. I refuse to be afraid of all its buttons and cluttered dashboard. I will navigate WordPress like the fearless amateur I am.
I give myself a week to get accustomed to all the buttons and thingys. Maybe if I succeed I will try to tame Twitter next week.

So here’s to WordPress and my new social adventure