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Coopers Hill Livery is a small family run livery yard in operation for the last 3 generations. Initially established to care for the animals that were in the service of the Tonery family, it has gradually, over the years, expanded its services.


On offer are all the basic livery yard services, for example mucking out, turnout and feeding, which is undertaken by a a dedicated father and son team. Over the years as horses in work retired and were no longer required, livery services were offered to other individuals. PJ Tonery and his son, James, now offer breaking services for driving and riding horses, schooling horses, leasing horses, transport of horses, beach and bog treks, purchasing horses, selling horses and clipping horses. Transport to local shows, hunts or just for fun days out cross country jumping are also provided.


We also advocate teaching children about horses and ponies, helping them to learn and respect theses animals. We invite local children from nearby schools and suburbs to visit the yard. Some children would never have had the opportunity to get so close to horses or ponies before. We gently introduce children to the ponies, and teach them all thats involved in the daily care of a pony. We teach children to respect the animals by showing them the skills they need to care for a pony, from simply putting on head collars, grooming, ensuring the pony has enough water, and mucking out to some of the more advanced skills like picking out hooves, and of course riding skills.


As if that didn’t keep us busy enough, Coopers Hill have expanded once again and now offer holiday packages, where riders, young or old, novice or experts, can book in for beach rides, bog rides, cross country jumping, show jumping and even days out hunting with local famous hunts such as The Grallagh Harriers. Time is also set aside for sightseeing, shopping, spa treatments or to just relax in the many luxurious hotels in Galway city.

What better way to holiday? Horses and riding in the scenic environs of Galway city and County. Throw in a barbeque at the end of a beautiful summers day riding and I think you couldnt ask for more.

We invite people to interact as much as they please on our Facebook page, but we do also have Twitter and Google+ account and a Trip Advisor. Leave comments and share your own adventures on our page.

We enjoy meeting people, whether they hail from far flung shores or are practically neighbours. We strive to give everyone who visits a wonderful, memorable experience. If there is something in particular you would like to do while visiting please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you to everyone who has supported us since we took the big leap and joined Facebook. It has been a rollercoaster ride. We hope to meet more fans in the future, you don’t have to book a ride to come see us. Our doors are always open to anyone who wants to visit, even if its just to see and get hugs off our horses.