Vacations at Coopers Hill

    Vacations at Coopers Hill



Cooper’s Hill Livery horse riding options.

1. Horse trails and beach rides:
A short video to get you in the mood.

This is for the casual rider that wants to do a few rides in the country side and enjoy the seaside and beach while on vacation. There is an added bonus, breakfast on an island at low tide. The tide times vary monthly and this is often weather dependant. This is simply for the rider that wants minimal stress and lots of nice views.

2. Horse riding boot camp:

This is five days of intense boot camp style tuition. . There are 3 jumping lessons, one hour per day on three consecutive days with independent practice required on that same day. A boot camp schooling day on a professional level cross country course is expected to be attempted. Those that are able to complete the cross country boot camp receive a top grade will be invited to hunt. We can cater for any level rider. It will improve your riding but not everyone may get to hunting standard. After the boot camp one should be more competent to participate in a hunt. Hunting is by invitation only. If the rider is capable of hunting and wishes to do so, there is an additional fee.

3. Hunting and cross country: Two days hunting, Sunday and Wednesday, and a cross country day included. This is more for the brave at heart. This caters to the person that has hunted and would like to try Ireland as a place to hunt. There will be three riding lessons included in the package, namely, a hunting lesson on a cross country course and two arena jumping lessons. Horses and riders will be schooled and ridden on an OPEN/ professional level with novice options cross country course.

There is a bus shuttle service from Dublin airport to Galway. Citylink ( takes approximately two and three-quarter hours to get to Galway city. Riders will be met off the bus by a staff member who will accompany them to their accommodation and make arrangements for riding times. Flights from all over UK also land in Shannon airport and Knock airport, with good bus service to Galway city. These rates will vary during holiday times and festivals.


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