Charity fundraising

When someone talks about hunting on horseback, what images does it conjure up in your mind? Hounds crying, horns blowing, red faced “gentlemen” dressed in red coats on huge shining horses, posh gentry gathering to chase some poor defenseless witless fox? 

In some cases you may not be too far wrong but this is not what i want to focus on…. Little is often reported of the huge charity hunts that are organised up and down the country in Ireland that raise vital funds for local charities. One local pack in Galway, raised almost 80,000euro for the Galway Hospice through their charity hunt held on St. Patrick’s day every year. Sadly, this hunt is no longer organised. As it is local to our yard we always attended and donated our 50euro cap to the Hospice. Throughout the years we have attended many charity hunt, as have others. This year through injury and bad luck cannot attend all the charity hunts like previous years so we have set up a donation drive.

This is the link to our donation drive for the Galway Hospice.–fundraising-page.html

If anyone wishes to make a donation, we will enter them into a draw to receive some wonderful prizes. All proceeds from the donation drive will be presented to the Galway Hospice in March. 

The Galway Hospice are hoping to begin construction on a new ward by the end of the year. Local artists have donated some of their work to us to gift to the Hospice. These wonderful works of art will find a new home in the newest ward of the Hospice on completion of construction.

Please donate just  a little, share the link and spread the word.