Horse riding holiday options at Cooper’s Hill Livery

Full list and description of holiday options at Cooper’s Hill Livery

  1. Beach Ride.DSC_0230
  2. Extend Beach Ride.
  3. Country Lane Ride.
  4. Island Ride(Depends on tide times).
  5. Haunted Castle Trail:  includes tea/coffee and sandwiches during rest stop at Castle.
  6. Cross country boot camp.
  7. Hunt Clinic(Saturday only)
  8. Hunting

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The beach, island and country lane ride are just as you might imagine. I would allow 2-2.5 hours in your schedule for these options.We ride out to the beach and island on busy roads to get to the beach, so riders should be confident in controlling their mounts.

The extended beach ride option is a 4 hour long experience. We travel to a secluded beach with the Burren as our backdrop. We ride along the beach, into the water, and around the trails surrounding the beach. Afterwards we relax in a local establishment to have some tea and snacks.

Haunted Castle
Cloon castle in Co.Galway

The Haunted Castle Trail is a new option we have added to our treks. I would allow at least 3.5-4 hours in your schedule for this option.We trek out along country lanes, bog roads to reach the haunted Castle. The owner will greet us and show us to our own private room, with an inviting turf fire,  for tea/coffee and some sandwiches.

Cross country can also be organised. Allow 3 hours for this option. Your ride leader will offer guidance and tuition while you all navigate the course. There are big and small options at most fences, so something to suit everyone.

Boot camp
Cottage fence

Hunt Clinics are also organised throughout the year, and is suitable for those with some jumping experience. Our aim is to help riders to safely negotiate a days hunting in the west of Ireland. Our hunt clinics are organized by our experienced hunting team who will educate riders on different aspects of hunting in Ireland, especially on how to negotiate those infamous stone walls

Hunt Clinic
Andrea, riding Seamus of Cooper’s Hill Livery

Hunting is with the Grallagh Harriers or Galway Blazers. This will be a full days activity, from 9am – 5pm approximately.

Accommodation can be organised with

1. The Western Hotel, Galway city.

2. Veronica’s Country House, Athenry, Co.Galway

3. Cloonacauneen Castle, Cloon, Co.Galway

For more information please feel free to email or use our contact page.


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