Starting a horse on his journey

Breaking a horse the Cooper’s Hill Way.

Samson is 18hs at 3 years old. Even for the tallest of men, breaking a horse this size is a little more challenging. Luckily Samson has the sweetest nature, kindness and gentleness runs through his core. He is naturally curious and eager to please. Samson was not handled much as he has lived in a field for most of his life, but all that is about to change. This is a video of how we start horses, and with Samson’s bigger than average size, he will be trained to help his future riders. We will teach him a few little things to help make the smaller riders tack up and mount up a little easier. After all, we love to produce good allrounders that appeal to any rider. This is a typical video of how we start off with all our horses. Samson has been bitted for about 3 days, had his front feet shod when this video was take, approximately 5 days after his arrival. Feel free to follow us progress on our Facebook page.


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