Introducing a horse to traffic

Sierra is a 2010, Irish Sports Horse, 16.2, green numnah in video.

She as backed before Christmas 2014, given time off due to horrible weather and for good behaviour. She has been back in work since February and continues to go from strength to strength.

This video is a good example of what we do with horses that need to be introduced to heavier traffic. Sierra has been hacked out on smaller lanes, with little traffic but varying vehicle sizes.

We placed her second in the group behind a calm, forward going relaxed horse. Behind her is Rocky a horse she is regularly worked with and Midnight, the most dependable horse. Starlights job is to guide her, keep her going forward as he can match her pace. Rocky is there for security and comfort while Midnight is the rear guard. If there is any trouble he come from behind her and urges her on.

Starlight is ridden a bit further out on the road than usual so that if there is any issue with Sierra, like her shooting forward when frightened, Starlight can cut her off and keep her behind him in her place.

I hope you enjoy watching our video. We regularly update to our Facebook page.


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